All Natural Ingredients – All the Time with Freckles Handmade Soaps
Pamper Yourself with Freckles Soap, Your Skin will Love it!

Soap has been used for thousands of years and in its most primitive form, it was made from water, oils and a few other natural ingredients.  But, as we have seen with our food choices, in order to mass produce soap and differentiate it from multiple brands, commercially made soaps have started adding preservatives, detergents and chemicals to their soaps.

The Benefits of Handmade, All Natural Soap

  • Retain your skins moisture from the natural glycerins used – making it look soft and healthy without lotion!
  • Reduce reactions to commercial soaps due to severe skin allergies, skin sensitivities or eczema – cut out that itchy skin with our Pure Basic Soap bar!
  • Create your own soap! If you have a scent or ingredient that you want to try, we can make it for you!
  • Support a local vendor with a passion for making high quality, all natural soap.